Trustworthy cloud solutions that you can opt for

Trustworthy cloud solutions that you can opt for

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Trustworthy Cloud Solutions your Company Can Bank on

Virtually all companies today utilize cloud hosting to retain and secure customer information, business transactions, and other regular business activities. Cloud hosting makes the potential of losing important information impossible when done correctly, especially when provided by top cloud hosting providers in today’s market.

In the past, companies with websites or data storage centres needed physical computers in house, or nearby at furthest, to save important information. Websites, even the simplest, required hosting on a physical server owned by the company to facilitate browsing of the site, functioning of in house customer relationships management systems, and storage of data for important employee files. If computers were stolen, accidentally damaged, sabotaged, misplaced, corrupted, or otherwise made useless, companies had no choice but to start from scratch, or at best from a usually not-recently-updated backup computer.

In today’s business age, you will never find use from hosting your company’s website, supporting employees’ technological functions, or storing important data, thanks to cloud hosting. Cloud hosting involves storage of data in secure networks that feature multiple physical storage sites not owned by your company. Cloud hosting also facilitates quick and easy transfer of files.

Below are top performers in cloud hosting, all of which your company can and should rely on. 

Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting systems are created for a single entity whose functions satisfy the specific needs of any one business. Cloud hosting can be further customized as it features more administrative control from the small business’ managers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, often shortened to HPE, is a long-established leader in technological industries. HPE controls approximately one quarter of the world’s private cloud hosting market, one of the largest shares of any such private cloud hosting companies. This private cloud hosting leader’s products are marketed as Helion brand services. Looking for HPE and Helion in building your private cloud is positively correlated with private cloud hosting success.


IBM utilizes software development experts to analyze and evaluate individual companies’ needs in information storage and website hosting. Sending out higher up employees that oversee cloud hosting coding development at IBM has proved an effective method of properly designing private cloud hosting systems. This company guarantees high flexibility in customizing your private cloud’s features and functions.


Microsoft comprises about 40 percent of the private cloud market. This established company uses Hyper-V virtualization, built into its Windows Servers, in cloud hosting. Microsoft Azure Stack facilitates businesses storing important data and customer info on the business’ premises and in a remote cloud for thorough data security.


Cisco is one of the largest technological services companies, one of whose offerings is private cloud hosting. Cisco boasts its Cloud Centre, Method, and Enterprise Cloud Suite programs for various private cloud needs.

Public Cloud Hosting

Public cloud storage requires far less maintenance than private clouds, can be accessed by any authorized user regardless of login method used and physical location. Levels of security are comparable between public and private cloud hosting. The primary difference is less customization potential and much less time spent working on the cloud’s software. Individual people within companies can easily set up new public clouds for department or individual needs within minutes.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest player in cloud storage hosting. AWS is so massive, it earned just shy of $3 billion in the second quarter in 2016. Such size comes with highly secure PaaS and IaaS solutions, including Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, and the Elastic Block Store Glacier storage services. Unlike some other cloud storage providers, Amazon does provide services related to the Internet of Things to make functions between departments flow more smoothly.


Dropbox, despite it being free and not as established as other cloud hosting mentioned herein, is an effective solution to data storage for small businesses. Dropbox is a popular among small business because data can be stored and saved within seconds, is very user friendly, and can be logged into without any restrictions. However, because it is so easy to use, Dropbox offers less security than other public cloud hosting platforms.


Salesforce offers effective, secure public cloud hosting solutions. Despite Salesforce being used primarily as a customer relationship management software, the program feature mobile app clouds, Heroku Enterprise, and services. This program is well suited for businesses who need to track customer information and save that info on a secure cloud, rather than in-house computers.

Red Hat

Red Hat is another popular public cloud hosting solution provider that deals most effectively with initializing and starting up cloud infrastructure. This leader in cloud storage brings valuable IT services essential to set up to businesses just starting out with new clouds.


Business and website owners should thoroughly analyze what functions cloud storage are needed for, what specific offerings various cloud hosting providers offer, and how much storage is needed prior to purchasing cloud software. Understanding what your company needs and how its needs can most effectively be met is essential to choosing proper cloud hosting systems.

Further comparison of leaders in private and public cloud hosting solutions can be found here, featuring a comprehensive list of pros and cons about each top cloud hosting solution.

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