Planning a Website Redesign – A Brief Guide

Planning a Website Redesign – A Brief Guide

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Planning to redesing your business website? There are many things to consider before you get in touch with a website design London agency. Let’s take a look.


Data plays a crucial role in website redesign. If you are not tracking your website data, start by gathering more data before your redesign. Some of the metrics to consider include:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average unique monthly visitors
  • Devices your visitors are using
  • Conversion rates
  • Average time on critical pages
  • Current rankings for your target keywords

Competitor Analysis

Take a good look at your competitiors’ websites. Take a note of the aspects and elements you like on their website and the user flow. Is the website easy to use? Did you find the informaiton you wanted?

Competitor analysis is not about copying their ideas. It is about making your website better than your competitors, and to ensure you avoid making the mistakes they are.


Determine what the purpose of your website is. What is it that you want to achieve from your website? Do you want your visitors to sign up to your newsletter? Perhaps you want them to fill up your contact form your call you. Start with a clearly outlined goal.


You won’t achieve your goals if you don’t know you are targeting. Carry out extensive research and dig in deep to define your ideal customers. Who are your target customers? What is their age group? What kinds of habits define them? This research will help you in creating highly targeted content.

Be Growth Driven

Your website is an evolving investment. Approach web design with a growth driven approach. Your website is never complete. It must evolve instead of staying stagnant until the next big redesign.

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