Impressing Potential Employers Tough Your WordPress Blog

Impressing Potential Employers Tough Your WordPress Blog

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Prowling the job market is a stressful experience, and one that demands every bit of effort from you. Potential employers need to be impressed by you, and there are many ways of doing this. A pretty innovative and cool way to impress your employers is through a WordPress blog. Today, a lot of employers like to check and screen social media of their potential employees, and possible blogs if they have any. So, that being said, having a blog that is representative of your qualities and good sides is a pretty good way of catching the eye of a potential employeer, and possibly landing the job. But how do you do that?

Well, the first thing you should start with is the look of your blog. That means, selecting the theme for your blog. While it is entirely up to you how your blog will look like, if you want to impress a potential employer, you want a good and professional looking blog. Search for a WordPress theme that will tell your possible future boss that you are professional, reliable, hard working, and other things that are viewed as positive traits that will represent you as a good and honest, hard working man. WordPress offers a huge selection of very different themes, so you are bound to find the perfect one for you, if you just search well enough.

After you have created the look of your blog, it is time to actually focus on the content of your blog. No matter how your blog looks like, if the content isn’t professional and if it doesn’t speak of you in a good way, your efforts might just be in vain. Add a resume to your blog, a LinkedIn profile too, and that will signalise your professionalism and dedication. If you have any other social media profiles that you would like for a potential employer to stumble upon, add them as well. When it comes to the actual content of your blog, it needs to show your passion, your drive. There are some nice social media plugins for WordPress, and you can definitely take advantage of that if you have multiple social media profiles.

The topic of the blog itself isn’t that terribly important, but try to keep it in the bounds of things that your employeers will not frown upon. It is, after all, a way to get a job, so being professional and dignified is something you must do. If you find a way to show your creativity and your passion, while retaining your professionalism, you will provide your potential employeers with a good picture of yourself, which is certainly a plus when it comes to them hiring you for the job. If you could write a blog on the exact topic the job is about, and if you write in a passionate and creative way, that is a very good sign for your potential bosses, and something that might just make them realize you are perfect for the job.

In the end, WordPress is a really good platform to build a professional and quality blog on. If you put time into it, your employeer will see that, and take notice, which is yet another plus that brings you closer to getting that job.

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