What Are The Essential Features Of WordPress Material Design

What Are The Essential Features Of WordPress Material Design

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What Are The Essential Features Of WordPress Material Design

The recent trend of Material Design has opened up new opportunities for the developers to create futuristic web experiences. This innovative designing standard has improved the UX manifold by enabling a seamless interaction of diverse functions on a single platform. Though a complex idea, Material Design has the capability to give a professional look to the website as well as lower the bounce rate and increase the revenues by keeping the users engaged. No doubt, WordPress developers are rapidly adopting this trend and making it a part of the development process these days. Let us know more about the features of this designing concept:

Tactile Surfaces

This design interface comprises of tangible layers of “digital paper”, which are placed at different heights. Unlike the simple paper, digital paper can stretch, connect, and change its shape. The layers in digital paper cast shadows on one another which enables the users to get a better understanding of the interface as well as the principle of interaction with it. Also, these shadows perform the key function in the notation structure and hierarchy of on-screen elements.

Print-based Design

Another feature of Material Design is that it makes use of classic print design principles as a part of its interface. As in the traditional graphic designing approach, the layers are regarded as the pieces of digital paper while everything that appears on these layers is considered as the digital ink. Typography plays a vital role in reflecting a brand’s identity. Similarly, color is another significant means of expression in Material Design. Large typography, rich and smooth colors and padding between elements create a unique user experience for WordPress sites.

Meaningful Animation

Material Design involves the use of animation in layers with the aim to provide it meaning with motion. With meaningful animation, the user can see the objects without hampering the continuity of experience. In other words, the transition in animation is smooth to an extent that it is not even noticeable. Animation enables the improvement of the details of the interface and navigation as well adds to the aesthetic appeal of the application.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive design, as the name suggests, is the one which is capable of being well- adapted for different devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Material Design comes with unlimited scalability so that its interface and navigation can be adapted to any device. The design focuses on simplicity, usability, and convenience so that it can capture the user’s attention.

There are a number of wordpress themes which support Material Design and enable the creation of exceptional web experiences. We, at WordPress India, are a reputed WordPress development company that specializes in creating impactful websites with this platform. Our team of experts has an extensive proficiency and a great experience, along with an impressive track record of having worked for a diverse clientage.

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