Design Ideas To Deliver Unmatched UX And UI With Your Ecommerce Store

Design Ideas To Deliver Unmatched UX And UI With Your Ecommerce Store

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Design Ideas To Deliver Unmatched UX And UI With Your Ecommerce Store

E-commerce selling is all about catching the pulse of the users and converting them into loyal customers. The first thing that matters is delivering a great user interface and user experience with your e-commerce store. Magento is a platform which can be trusted to create a store that is impressive in terms of both, UI as well as UX. An experienced Magento Developer will make use of the best features of the platform for creating a compelling shopping experience. Here are some amazing ideas that can be implemented in your eCommerce store so that it gives unmatched UI and UX:

Focus On Usability
Your e-commerce store is the meant to reach out and connect with the customers. Therefore, usability is as important as aesthetic appeal. The store should have an appealing layout and should be easy to navigate too. It needs to be designed keeping the user group and its requirements in mind. Features like buttons, icons, calls to action, and controls are to be placed prominently for facilitating ease of use.

Attractive Color Scheme
Another significant aspect of Magento store development and design is the color scheme chosen for it. You may have excellent content on the site but the use of gory colors would render it useless. The colors should be optimized so that it blends well with the overall business concept and looks good to the eye too.

Besides the color scheme, content, and images, animation serves as a great tool for making eye-catching web stores. Almost every magento ecommerce development company is using animation tool to engage the customers as well as make the shopping experience unique. However, animation needs to be usable and simple otherwise it can act as a distraction.

Interactive Elements
Interactive elements such as gaming, online quizzes, and ratings make a great way to keep the users glued to the store. The longer they stay, the better is the probability that they would complete the transactions. Therefore, these interactive elements in the e-store designs make a recipe for success.

Typography is crucial for delivering a good UI and UX through your Magento store. Elements such as font style, size, spacing, etc can go a long way in making an impression on the user.

Parallax Scrolling
Online shoppers prefer designs with parallax scrolling as the use of multiple screens confuses them and also burdens their memory. They prefer a UI that displays the entire products on a single screen. Similarly, card style interfaces also work well for them.

Minimalism is a principal that almost every Magento development company prefers to follow while designing e-commerce stores. Redundant features and functionalities deprive the store of its value and also compromise with its loading speed. Therefore, it should have only those design elements that are needed.

Finally, Testing Is Crucial!!
Finally, testing your store is extremely crucial for its success. The website may have been designed for perfection but it is useless if it fails to deliver a seamless experience. The testing phase unravels all the big and small glitches that hamper its performance and interferes with the conversion. Continuous testing drives positive changes that improve the UI and UX for promoting sales.

Integrating these design tips can help developers create Magento stores that max in terms of looks and performance. They also need to bear in mind the latest design trends to frame a contemporary store. Additionally, stores of competitors and industry leaders can be referenced for inspiration.

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