8 Essential Components Every Website Needs

8 Essential Components Every Website Needs

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Brief introduction

For businesses, the need for a website is obvious. They want customers; with 14 years of experience, we know what it takes to build a quality, customer-focused website and we have offered solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies. The Internet has changed how the world works, and a good website is essential to a company’s reputation. To build a quality website, several core components should not be left out. We’ve compiled a list of essential elements to include on a website. These components are paramount to success.

Website elements

  1. Use an easy to follow design

There’s nothing more confusing for your visitors than to come to your website only to get lost in a maze of information. Having a clean website design is crucial for your visitors to navigate around the information you provide. Keep it simple with a navigation panel on the top or side of your website.

  1. Include the 5 core pages

A website wouldn’t be complete without the details. The 5 core pages (home, about us, products/services, testimonials, contact us) will each serve an important functionfor your site and is a good starting point when you are building a website from scratch because it shows your company’s identity. Keep the fancy stuff for later, but these pages are a must.

  1. Implement strong calls to action

It’s always a good idea to have CTA (Call to Action) elements on a page such as a visually striking button that will direct your reader towards a certain action. You see these buttons all the time such as “Login”, “Subscribe”, or “Contact us”. By having these buttons, your aim is to direct your readers to a desired link.

  1. Use quality images with ideal compression/size

There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait for a page to load due to large images eating up your internet bandwidth. You should try to use images that are attractive and at the same time ideally compressed. It’s pointless to have a large high resolution image when you can easily resize the image into a lower resolution and save it as a different format such as PNG or JPG.

  1. Optimise your webpage for SEO

SEO means $$$ for businesses and you should try to optimise your entire website if you want to convert your visitors into customers. SEO can be quite complex but you’ll experience the benefits such as achieving a better site ranking, find it easier to monitor your site with analytics and it iscost effective in many ways. Some of the items on your page that you will want for SEO are optimised keywords, content, meta tags, html title, anchors and even mobile configuration.Corporate Interactive offers web development services which include SEO for your website.

  1. Social media integration

Social media integration plays a key role in marketing and SEO for your website. Try to keep your social media profiles up to date with fresh content for your targeted audience. One of the most important aspects of social media integration is link building, which is again part of SEO. For example, our new strategic partnership with Xero has opened new doors for opportunities in many areas. If we want to let our readers know about this, we will use social media to promote it.

  1. Have your website be mobile friendly

There are two ways to apply this; you can have a responsive website design or you can have a separate dedicated mobile site. Ideally, it’s best to stick to the first choice as it is more simplified, cheaper, and flexible across most devices. With a responsive website design, you can adjust the viewing options depending on the screen resolution of the target device whereas the main advantage of having a mobile dedicated page is speed, but it will cost you extra to build.

  1. Have an FAQ page

If you are running a business, people will have questions that they want fast answers to. Having an FAQ page serves that function. Try to keep your questions and answers logical and straightforward. You should position yourself as a customer and build up the questions revolving your business.

Final words

Having the quality and core components of a website will increase your chances of getting a regular audience. If you are serious about your business, then your website needs to stand out. A business needs a website that works with an end goal of turning your website’s visitors into customers. A unique company website combined with the optimisedmarketing elements can spell success for you!

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