The Marketing Benefits of Magento 2 E-commerce Development

Magento 2 development is the most sought after classic platform by the online retailers today. In fact, Magento was preferred by 1 in 4 businesses from the day of its inception and its recent upgrade has attracted more retailers to go with the new version. It comes with a number of exclusive features ensuring improved administrative options, optimal marketing, analytical techniques, and more leading to customers’ benefits.

Let us look into the highlights of the marketing tools that have compelled the merchants to flock behind the Magento Development Agency.

The Marketing Menu: The marketing factors like the promotions, communications, SEO search, and user content have been improved to the higher-end as briefed below.

A] Promotions: This section facilitates the merchant to establish price rules. They are able to create discounts on products which could be confined to the chosen website, customer groups, and within the destined time slots. The discounts could be applied to the shopping carts too for a selected time frame.

B] Communications: With the help of Magento developers, New York, the merchants can avail the 35 transactional e-mail templates that could be tailored to the individual brands. Predefined or the custom variables when added to the e-mail templates increase the personalization. And, newsletters are easy to create, schedule, and send to the subscribers. Furthermore, it has sales documents which include invoices, memos, packing slips that could be configured in order to reflect the brand value.

C] SEO and Search: This section covers navigation of the catalog, search catalog, and tools for implementing the best practices of SEO. Therefore, one may customize the search terms. The platform comes with easy-to-use sections for Meta titles, keywords, descriptions sitemap configuration, URL rewrites, robots.txt. Canonical tags, and, etc. in favor of SEO.

D] User Content: The reviews help to boost sales. Magento 2 allows only the registered users to write review with star comments. The newly submitted reviews are not visible to the public unless and until it is scrutinized by the admin.

The Marketing Reports: It provides the admin with helpful data about the effectiveness of the marketing methods implied. The marketing reports are available as follows.

A] Products in cart: The report helps the merchant to estimate the inventory needs, status of sales, popularity of products, and etc.

B] Search Terms: By understanding what the customer are searching, it helps the merchants to add these terms into their tags and descriptions and ensure its easy find.

C] Abandoned Carts: The report shows the contact details of the customer so as to send reminder mail for them and also indicates that a certain product is not performing well which could be researched further to promote sales.

D] Newsletter Problems: As they are distributed in automated batches, it alerts the admin if not sent successfully with reasons.

These marketing features are an added benefit for the marketing team. With the available report, they are able to make a strategy to promote sales for an increased ROI in lesser time and efforts.

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