How to use and redeem your iTunes gift card

How to use and redeem your iTunes gift card

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Whether your iTunes gift card was received for a birthday or Christmas or any of the other occasions, you will most need to know as to how to utilize them. So if you are wondering as to what to do with them, then following are a few steps that will guide you as to how can you use your iTunes gift cards online.


How to use??

Firstly, you need to open your browser, then select to apple’s website and then download the program for iTunes. Secondly, you need to create an account in iTunes if in case, you already do not have an account.  For creating an account, you need to select  store, then apple id and then continue. Post that you will have to read and then agree to the mentioned terms and conditions and click on agree.  The program will then need you to fill in your personal information, such as your email address and date of birth. Later you will have to create a password in order to proceed.

After you have created an account, you will have to sign in using the account that you created, or if you previously have an account, you need to sign in with that. Once you sign in, and if the iTunes store appears, then the email address of the account will appear on the upper left hand side. You need to ensure that you have logged into your account.  Once you have logged in, then have your gift card ready. And if it is iTunes gifts cards online, then keep them open in another tab.

How to redeem your card??

Hooray!! It’s time to download. Here are a few simple steps as to how to redeem your iTunes gift cards online. Once you have created an account and signed onto it, you will have to login to that account. You will have to verify that you have signed into your account that you want to put to use. You can verify by ensuring that it is your email address that is appearing on the upper left side of the bar, along with movies and music.  Once you have verified it, you can check your balance, which will also appear next to your email address.

After your verification is done, and balance is checked, you need to scroll down the web page to see the word Manage. Post that you will have to click on Redeem that appears on the screen of the iTunes page. There will be two options of this: The option to redeem can be found firstly under the Quick links on the right side of the panel, next to <purchased> <account> or <support>. Secondly, when you click on your email address it will pop up with an option of <account> <wish list> <redeem> and < sign out>.

Once you click on redeem, you will have to enter the code. For that, you will have to scratch the gray box on the rear of the card in order to expose the 16 digit code.  All the cards tell apple as to how much is your certificate or card worth. When you type in your code in the box correctly, it will pop up telling you as to how much is your account have been credited with.

Also, you will have to check on the card as to in which country can your card be used, and click on that country to see the correct page. This is so because they cannot be interchanged.  After you are on the right country page, you can start shopping!!!

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