Easy Conversion with Video Processing tool from MKV to MP4

Easy Conversion with Video Processing tool from MKV to MP4

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MKV or Metroska video file is a well-known and widely used compression file format for HD quality videos. Oftentimes, people have to delete their collection of HD quality video to share the space with important files. But with compressing the videos in terms of size, helps them to keep their videos. With MKV file, the videos are downsized without affecting the quality or reducing the amount of data. Despite being widely accepted nowadays or both keeping and sharing purpose on the web, MKV file face an important issue. MKV is not readily compatible with most of the platforms and devices. Even in PC, often MKV files are not compatible without special software or media player.

You can get rid of this barrier if you know how to change the MKV video file format to one of the popular format MP4 (MPEG-4). MP4 serves well to provide the HD quality video without any data loss and with less size.

You will learn how to change the video file format from MKV to MP4 here with us. With Movavi Video Converter, all-access video processing software, you can readily transcodes the MKV file into MP4 file.

How to do it?

Follow these basic steps to convert the video file.

  • Download and Install: On the first place, you have to download the Movavi Video Converter from the web. You can avail this freeware by searching on any search engine. Then install the downloaded .exe file to your installation directory.
  • Open the File: After opening the software, choose ‘Add Video’ from the software UI. Then browse and select the MKV video file to be processed and add that to the directory of the files to be converted.
  • Specify the output format: After choosing the video file, specify the output file format from the converter directory of the software. Choose MP4 from the drop-down list and mention the output file location where the processed fill will be stored.
  • Start Converting: When you are done with above mentioned steps, you can click Convert to start the conversion. After the software completes the conversion, it will store the processed file to your desired location.

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