B2B E-Commerce Challenges Can Be Addressed With The Right Technology

B2B E-Commerce Challenges Can Be Addressed With The Right Technology

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E-commerce is a challenging domain in itself as it involves reaching out to customers through virtual stores and convincing them to buy without a physical presence. The game gets bigger for B2B sellers as it teams up with the existing complexities of this business segment. However, the answer lies in technology solutions such as adopting the right e-commerce development platform for creating your business website so that it can be empowered with the right features and functionalities. First things first, you need to understand the hindrances that lie on the road to establishing a successful online presence in the B2B space. Only then would you be able to look for the right technology solutions to resolve them.

Here are the challenges that plague B2B sellers who embark on the digital journey:

Pricing Management
The biggest challenge for B2B e-commerce stores relates to the management of product pricing. There is a need for customer-specific pricing because the seller needs to focus on long-time buyers who invest in heavy volumes. Therefore, it is important to entice these customers and nurture them by offering them special prices on bulk deals. As such, they cannot be shown the same prices as the others are seeing on the store.

Customizable Shopping Carts
A B2B business that sells multiple product lines and brands, has to look for a platform that supports customizable shopping carts. Having thousands of products and hundreds of product lines means that the buyer may face problems while searching individual products on the store. A multi-store e-commerce platform with enhanced search capabilities suffices these requirements. Similarly, those selling on a global scale can create stores with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities for reaching out to a bigger customer base.

Voluminous Transactions
B2B selling involves voluminous transactions, both in terms of product quantities and value. The challenge is to handle these transactions and ensure secure payments so that customers are able to trust the business. Businesses should also be able to fulfill the orders in time, with proper inventory management and shipping management systems. Automation of various business processes ensures that the entire business runs in a streamlined manner.

Seamless User Experience
Another significant challenge for B2B e-commerce stores is to deliver user experiences that are comparable with those on B2C stores. Not to mention extensive search capabilities on the store, there is also a need to offer exclusive features such as a self-service system for the vendors. The flexibility of payment methods and fulfillment of occasional emergency orders make the store stand apart.

Client Relationship Management
Maintaining and managing relationships with individual clients can be a major concern for B2B e-commerce businesses. Integration of the right CRM software into the online store is an effective way to manage overall communications and client interactions. Additionally, it can improve the sales team performance and reduce the overheads as well.

Magento is one of the best CMS platforms to create high-performance e-commerce stores for B2B enterprises. It comes with several advanced functionalities that are capable of resolving the aforementioned challenges to a considerable extent. If you are looking to leverage the powerful features of this platform to run a successful B2B e-commerce store, then Orange Mantra is the right place to approach. We specialize in Magento e-commerce development for creating feature-rich online stores for diverse business requirements.

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