Some Tips Before Buying YouTube Subscribers

Some Tips Before Buying YouTube Subscribers

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If you are a publisher on YouTube with your own channel you may also be one of many who find it difficult to get more subscribers. But if you are one of the fortunate few who do not have this issue chances you have run into this problem in the past.

Not seeing your channel make any real progress can be very frustrating, especially if you are producing some amazing videos that you thought would really convert a lot of viewers into subscribers. Unfortunately sometimes people need a little extra nudge to get them to click that subscribe button. The odd thing is that ordinarily you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to gain subscribers since there’s over a billion people on YouTube, and each of those people are free to subscribe to as many channels as they want.

People are attracted to channels that are already popular. It’s seems unfair that so many people flock towards channels that already have a ton of subscribers and ignore everyone else. At times it may seem impossible to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, but there are some things you can do.

#1 – Promote your videos on social media

There are a tone of other networks available that you can use to drive people to your videos. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Using other networks to gain exposure for your videos and channel is a great way to gain additional subscribers on YouTube.

#2 – Blog it

Find some blogs in your niche and see if the authors would be willing to embed your video in a future article. This obviously requires a bit more effort and luck, but it could pay you back in dividends for years to come if the blog is popular. Not to mention this will also help your video to rank higher on YouTube and even in Google.

#3 – Exchange Groups

There are a ton of YouTube exchange groups on Facebook for people just like you. Tons of other publishers connect in these groups sharing their videos. The idea is that when you share your video other people from the group will watch, like, and subscribe to your channel in exchange for you doing the same for them.

It can be a pretty slow process scraping subs where ever you can find them, but at least this way your channel starts to make some progress and gains some traction.

#4 – Buy YouTube Subscribers

Choosing to buy YouTube subscribers is always an option as well. Granted you need to be careful of who you purchase YouTube subscribers from. There are some cheap services available on Fiverr, but I DO NOT recommend using any of those services because they are not safe. YouTube can spot fake subs from a mile away and will remove within hours if not days.

I’ve always used a company called Mass Media for their YouTube services because I can trust that everything they deliver is safe and will pass any of YouTube’s inspections. Not to mention Mass Media also guarantees that all their YouTube services will remain permanently and their prices are very reasonable.

Some people don’t agree with buying YouTube subscribers, but I’m all for it. I rather spend my time working on my next video than promoting my channel. If someone can help me out with promoting my stuff and will get me a bunch of new subscribers for a couple dollars I’m all for it. Especially since increasing subs will make my channel more popular and help my videos rank higher so everything I publish gets seen by even more people.

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