How to Enhance Engagement with Instagram?

How to Enhance Engagement with Instagram?

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The exclusivity of Instagram and engagement strategies always remains permanent. These are the strategies that can literally make your business stand out and your business also relies on Instagram for expansion and success. Around 2.5 billion photos are videos are liked every day by around 300 million active users on Instagram.

This is the reason why Instagram has been the forerunner in engagement. Every post has up to 4.8 interaction rate since first quarter of 2015. And it has successfully beaten 0.72 interaction rate of Facebook and 0.25 of Twitter. This type of engagement truly shows the fact that photos don’t know any language. There are Instagram campaigns that can have enhanced global reach with no or little translation needs. With the help of double-tap feature of Instagram, users may easily want to like plenty of images quickly and younger demographic can definitely be active on this recent and popular social network. Instagram users are basically younger on average. The functions of this platform are quite limited and they may add restrictions on the campaigns. But you need to get the most of what it is offering without wondering about its looks.

Branding and Marketing

You definitely need to consider the difference between branding and marketing. Branding speaks about you and marketing speaks about your purpose. In other words, you need to keep the balance between fun, cool and socially inspiring photos, and professional and business related posts. Despite the fact that the former photos may not have relevance to what you are doing for the business, they can definitely reveal your business’s personality, what you like, what you care for, your dislikes and what you stand for. You can definitely promote your deals and offers with latter and reveal modern developments on your products and services. You can also buy Instagram followers to be more popular.


There is no lack of social networks that are using hashtags for promotions and they are offering amazing and exclusive ways to link what you do in several social platforms so you can easily get your content accessed by millions of users. But marketers are known to use a lot of hashtags and their activities seem too generic. So, you don’t need to use up to 5 to 6 hashtags in your post. You should avoid posting with too much hashtags or it can affect your presence. It is really very important to keep your hashtags unique. If you are going to post the photo with #love hashtag, you can find up to 883 million photos with the same hashtag. So, your post with #love hashtag can easily get lost in millions faster.

Timing & Frequency

It is yet another complex act of balancing that everyone possibly cannot do. You need to decide its frequency on Instagram. You need to capture and hold your audience and their eyes. Avoid your audiences to feel underwhelmed or spammed. You should have enough of activities on your page to keep them engaged. These are known to be the best options for many people.

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