Title: Hourly SEO Contracting – What You Need to Know

Title: Hourly SEO Contracting – What You Need to Know

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Most businesses would definitely fall for the hourly SEO payment model since the offers seem quantifiable and straightforward. There is however more to it that needs to be looked into. The amount of money that a search engine optimization firm will charge is largely dependent on the size of the firm, the services they provide, their reputation and their location to some extent. To understand this model more, you need to have a look at the positive and negative aspects.

The Pros of Hourly SEO

The following are some of the pros of going the hourly payment way:

  • High level of transparency: It is easier to keep track of all the aspects of SEO campaign to your website. For this, you can check after every hour.
  • Time allocation is easy: This is even more helpful if you have a specific deadline to meet. Also, it can help you if you need to have a limited amount for a time devoted to a different of your SEO.
  • You can set the rate: With hourly payment of SEO, you can easily set the rate of payment, especially if you are running of a limited budget.
  • You may get a breakdown of costs incurred: Hourly rates make it easier to monitor the costs and get a breakdown of the total costs if you need them.

The Cons of Hourly SEO

The following are some of the cons of hourly SEO:

  • Results are not seen faster: Most companies have no idea that SEO requires time for the results to start showing. This may make many people upset if they have to pay for the hourly rates and yet see no results.
  • Bills might escalate: Hourly rates can escalate the bills especially if the work required to optimize your business is more than what you initially thought.
  • Fewer hours to account for: In case there are SEO service fees that are associated with the SEO strategy required by your business, getting the hourly payment plan may make you end up with few business hours to account for.
  • Not Very Realistic: With SEO being a long term strategy, hourly payment and monitoring is not very realistic. It would be a tiresome to track a project every hour. The focus should always be for the broader picture. This model works well for individuals who already understand finer details about search engine optimization but do not have the time to do the actual work required to improve the website.
  • Other Services: Let’s say that your website is not mobile friendly. Most SEO companies collaborate with web design companies. So what happens is that you will be overcharged for the conversion because the 3rd party web design company has margins.


Hourly SEO is only good if you want to outsource a portion of your project. It can be a lot cheaper to do it this way. However, I strongly advise that you must only choose to hire freelancers on an hourly basis if you understand the ins and outs of SEO. Do not contract an hourly freelancer for the sake of saving money, it will not work in the long run unless you know what you are doing. SEO is a long term game and needs dedicated management. Treat it like you would any other part of your business and I promise that the result and gains in business would speak for itself!

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