The Top 5 Benefits Gained from Local SEO Services

The Top 5 Benefits Gained from Local SEO Services

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A business website can be somewhat like a boat.  In the beginning, the boat (or website) is looked upon with pride and glorious expectations.  However, before you know it, it’s consuming maintenance time and money while the fish (or customers) are still out there happily swimming in the other direction.  It can be frustrating.

The purpose of the website is to further the goals of the business or organization, typically through increased sales, customer good will and/or supplying information on products and services.  Obviously, none of these goals can be realized unless people visit the site.  When a prospective customer or client is searching for what the business provides, will the business name be on the first page of the search engine results?

Top 5 Benefits of seo

About 1/3 of searchers will click on the link in the #1 position.  Approximately 92% of searchers will only look at search results on page 1.  The only conclusion to be drawn is that for the search terms (keywords) someone would be likely to type when looking for the product or service that the business sells, success demands that the business needs to be on page 1, either in the #1 position or close to it.

What are local SEO services?

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the techniques employed to attract visitors to the site and raise a website’s ranking in search engine results.  These techniques are employed by all successful websites.  While some companies deal with a worldwide clientele, most businesses serve customers in their local area.  A restaurant, roofing contractor or dentist are interested in reaching people in their service area, not those who live on the other side of the world. Local SEO services fine-tune the website so that potential, local customers find the website when searching for a local provider with location-based keywords (dentist in Salt Lake City).

The top 5 benefits of local SEO

  1. The number of competing websites is dramatically reduced. Test it yourself with the following searches: dentist, dentist in Utah and dentist in Salt Lake City.  As the search terms become more defined, the greater the opportunity for the website to gain a top ranking in the search results.  Of course, choosing the best location based keywords becomes critical.
  2. Make it easy for the customer to find the physical location. People increasingly use their phones to research a product and to look up a businesses address or phone number.  Many apps will locate a business on a map.  Make it as easy as possible for the prospective customer to find you with a Google map on the contact page.
  3. Interact with customers with social media. Facebook, YouTube videos and a blog can personalize your business in a way that was not possible previously.  For example, YouTube videos can be used to show the service and offer tips and information.  Facebook offers a chance to interact with the public and hold a conversation.  A blog allows a business to present information and education customers.
  4. The possibilities of digital marketing are only limited by the imagination. Internet-only sales and special promotions increase business.  Newsletters help to inform customers of upcoming sales or events of interest.
  5. Optimize your company logo with the use of local SEO services. Internet marketing services will put your business in the forefront within the community, enhancing your local reputation.

If you own a business in Utah and want to expand your business presence, It’s worth investing the time to seek out a Utah SEO services provider.  There is no lack of competition for customers and it’s guaranteed that the other websites are doing all possible to find them.  Local SEO won’t replace excellent customer service, but it will make it easier to provide it to new and existing customers.  Your website is your face to the world.  Local SEO techniques will let your corner of the world see your face.

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