Search engine optimization Tips for 2018

Search engine optimization Tips for 2018

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You all know that keywords are the backbone of SEO. If you play safely and smartly for keyword research and usage, it will be easy to tackle any SEO algorithm.

Selection of keywords is primarily based on the subject you are targeting and the type of keyword you are focusing. The keyword is based on how people search over the internet. “There are less popular, medium, popular and extremely popular keywords. If you target only those keywords that are extremely popular, it means you have not analysed keywords properly.” says Sage Mauk Brooklyn SEO expert

Being an expert SEO analyst in 2018, it is important to target those keywords which prevent you from the competition. Extremely popular keywords may not provide you the result you expecting from SEO that moderate popular keywords can do for you.

Let’s take an example. Your subject is “How to bake cakes.” When you search for a keyword tool keeping the subject in mind, the tool will show you various results from extremely popular to not very popular keywords. Here you can categorize keywords with extremely popular, medium, low and lower. If the keyword ‘how to bake cakes’ is extremely popular, ‘ways to bake cakes’ is medium, ‘tips to bake cakes’ low and ‘baking cakes’ lower, which one will you target? You, of course, target medium searched, and low medium searched keywords because here the competition level is not higher. Below are tips to follow to do SEO in 2018 well.

Minimizing keyword stuffing

While keywords had been the key to greater SEO, overdoing it is the most toxic thing you could do to your content. Google will penalize platforms that overdo the keywords, and hence your site will hardly crawl to the top. Hiring professional web content writing services from SEO is the finest solution, as SEO content creators know the game better than others.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

With the increase in mobile devices and its prevalence, it only makes sense that Google focuses more on sites that are adept at functioning well on mobile devices. AMPs are an open-source protocol that encourages website makers to create sites that can load in a jiffy. Basic alterations in the structural designs enable to create sites that load faster and use lesser data. So on any fine day, sites with AMPs will be favored by SEO rather than others.

Visual content marketing

It’s not exactly the newest gossip of the town, nevertheless, a crucial factor that needs periodic reminding. Using visual content for promotion is an essential move and is a sure fire way to attract a huge number of audience.


You’re right; the hero is not out of the picture yet. Even with the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook remains the most used social media platform, So yes, promote your SEO content highly on Facebook, and write content that gratifies the Facebook users. Using content writing services of SEO for creating social media posts would prove to be highly useful.

First, write.

This never gets old- always write impressive content for your readers. SEO isn’t merely a machine game, at the end of the day, it is about reaching out to the people. So keywords perhaps maybe for Google, but words are generally for the readers.

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