How To Rank Better On Google In Just 7 Days

How To Rank Better On Google In Just 7 Days

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As a small business owner, you’ve got to play your part in increasing local search rankings, and better start today than tomorrow. Well, you may think this is yet another “guide” with so many things an average person has to spend hours even to understand them. But, it’s a promise you’ll never find it so boring.

Unlike those “smart guides” with so many technical terms that only, this one’s plain English. Much better! You’ll find it easier to follow as it won’t take too much of your time (if you practice the steps regularly).

Before you move ahead, keep in mind that you’re only making a nice smooth path for the efforts of SEO expert Canada as some SEO activities are quite technical and time consuming as well.

Now let’s get started!

First Day – Claim Local Google+ Listing

It’ll take not more than 15 minutes a day if you plan your approach wisely. Claiming your local business is, by no means unnecessary stuff, especially when you have a bunch of competitors in the market. Here’s a list of things you need to do after you claim your business on Google.

  • Use official business name
  • Write accurate business address and contact numbers
  • Write a nice little description of your business
  • Add a small bio about to best describe your activities (as a business).
  • Add a link to your webpage.
  • Be careful with the keyword. Use them naturally.
  • Add pictures of your brand, building, services or whatever you think is worth sharing. You can add anything as there’s a lot of room for creativity.
  • Don’t forget to book mark the page so that you can work next time.

Second Day – The Homepage

Following activity will take about 15 -30 minutes. And for goodness sake, stop getting scared of it!

Have access or no access, you can do the stuff quite easily. Look at your page – the old text describing your business. Is there anything new? Is there anything to improve on? There certainly is!

  • Add that thing that just hit your mind.
  • Add details of your brand (product or service).
  • Add things, such as the history of your business, what’s your advantage over competitors, how happy customers are, what things you love in your brand and why.
  • Link your text (wherever seems important) to relevant pages. That’ll make navigation easier.
  • If you have access to the page, add the content by yourself, or send the doc to your developer.
  • Don’t forget to add (or send to developer) the images you took the previous day.

Third Day – Title Tags and Schema

Title tag can give you a clean advantage over your competitors (pray, your comp is not reading this post right now). With just 30 minutes of concentration, you can play with titles and optimize your homepage.

Think about your products and brand.

  • What do you offer?
  • How do people refer to you?
  • What do they call you in local terms?

If you’re a DUI attorney. Add the title (Place) DUI Lawyer – (Business Name). Isn’t it simple?

Anyhow, keep these things in mind:

  1. Title should be under 60 characters.
  2. Add keywords naturally (no stuffing)

Now we come to the schema mark-up. Yes, the name’s scary but it’s as simple as 123.

Cutting the details of what it really is:

  • Use this tool on and generate your code after filling all the information in the respective fields.
  • Copy the code and paste it onto the site’s footer, or forward it to your webmaster.

Fourth Day – Reviews

This time, you need to get customer reviews, and the task is to be done regularly for at least 15 minutes. If you haven’t claimed your business on Yelp, claim it and start asking for reviews. But wait! You cannot do it directly, so, here’s an indirect way. 

Have a Profile on Yelp

You’ll get the Yelp badge as well that’s one way to indicate your customers to write reviews about your business.

  • If you sell products, you can also fill a form on yelp and get a sticker to put on the entrance door or window at high traffic area.
  • If you’re service based, write a nice brief story to inform your customers you’re on Yelp, and email it to all the list.

Now wait for three-four days and check your account to see any review. Repeat the same activity if there isn’t any review.

To Get Some Quick Google Reviews

Go to this site and follow the procedure mentioned there. It’ll help you get some easy reviews on Google.

Fifth Day – Citations

This task can be segregated into small sessions of 15 minutes, but it should be done repeatedly to claim majority of citations. You can start with the best places, then dig deeper and claim your business on other local directories.

These are the most important platforms to claim citations on.

  1. Facebook
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. CitySearch
  4. Yahoo Local
  5. FourSquare
  6. Bing
  7. YelloBot
  8. ChamberOfCommerce, etc.

Sixth Day –Service Pages

This is another time-consuming activity, but a valuable investment too. The more service pages you have, the easier it will be for you to get the customers. And that can give you a clear edge over your competitors.

First of all, divide your time and utilize it for digging deep into your business determining how much you can open up. That might take up to 2 weeks if you do the task on regular basis, and the task is quite simple.

  • Create a list of pages that your website should have.
  • Go on explaining each service in detail and making sure that customers will benefit from this information.
  • Repeat the procedures concerning with the homepage, as discussed above (title tags, photos, links etc.).

Seventh Day – Rest

You’ve just optimized (or began optimizing) your business for local searches. Now you need time to relax and feel proud of your SEO expertise.

Word of Advice

If you belong to competitive industry, you can hire top SEO firm in Canada to do these tasks quickly.

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