An insight into the SAP Certification Programs

An insight into the SAP Certification Programs

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SAP technology drives many organizations today. This ERP solution has created a technological approach to all organizational activities and hence it continues to grow and become more popular among organizations, both big and small. As more and more units turn to SAP solutions for their various processes and operations, this offers huge scope in becoming a career path for the students who foray into this domain as their chosen path of study.

SAP Certification Programs—a benchmark of ability

Anyone can take up SAP training. There is no dearth of resources that touch upon the various aspects pertaining to this software domain. However, mere understanding of SAP concepts doesn’t enable someone to effectively implement and work on it at an organizational level. It is not possible to quickly judge a person’s understanding of SAP based on an organization interview or basic test.

This is where SAP certification programs come into the picture. SAP AG conducts SAP certification programs at various levels to assess a candidate’s ability in SAP. The exams are rigorous and to crack it the person has to have spent several hours of research and study in this direction. It is not easy for a novice in this field to understand SAP solutions or how it works. Both practice and experience alone can help someone new to SAP to master the concepts and effectively utilize it in a job environment.

The SAP programs are divided into three levels—Associate, Professional and Master. The levels are based on the skills and expertise expected from a SAP professional in this domain. Since cracking the exam is no easy task, a certified SAP professional is easily seen as an expert in the field by an organization who considers hiring him. The importance of the SAP training can thus be clearly understood.

More about the different SAP Certification levels

SAP Certifications can be obtained at Associate, Professional or Master Levels. All three level examinations are conducted by SAP AG and are authentic benchmarks of a SAP professional’s abilities in this domain.

The initial Associate level is the basic level which can be attempted by a novice in the field without any practical experience. This level basically tests the candidate’s understanding of key concepts and theories in the various modules associated with SAP solutions. There are plenty of resources and training programs available to help a candidate in this area. This however doesn’t imply that the exam is in any way easy. Plenty of research and practice of previous papers will be necessary to crack the exam successfully.

The Professional Certification Level can be attempted with or without having cleared the Associate level first. For professionals with proven project experience and sufficient business knowledge in SAP, an associate level isn’t necessary to attempt the professional level. This certification checks the candidate’s ability in implementing SAP solutions effectively and the questions are based on this factor.

The Master Certification Level is the highest SAP certification level, which is still being designed. It is expected that this certification will be specifically directed towards selected modules that a candidate may be working with. It will be a step ahead of the Professional Certification and successfully clearing this would suggest that the candidate has expertise in the said domain and is a business expert.

For all three certification levels, SAP AG provides the syllabus on which the assessment will be carried out. This will enable students attempting it to prepare accordingly for the exam using suitable resources. In all cases, previous papers will provide guidance on the types of questions that are likely to appear in the exam. Practicing them will aid your chances at cracking the certification level.

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