About social ADR and its advantages

About social ADR and its advantages

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Today, it is no secret that social media has become a global phenomenon. Almost all of us have some sort of presence or another in one or more of the various social platforms on the internet today. Keeping this in mind, various organisations and companies have acknowledged the importance of being well established and communicating with the users on social media in order to increase their reach manifolds and also directly interact with thousands of their users. While all of the companies do understand the importance of an active presence on social media, how to exactly achieve it feasibly with minimum effort leading to maximum output, remains to be an idea or marketing strategy known to a limited few. If you are not amongst those few companies but still look to have a strong presence on various social networking then you must seek assistance and guidance from various tools and services available in the market today, in order to serve your requirements and help you in achieving a strong hold over various social media platforms.SocialADR is one such tool that you must definitely know about.


SocialADR is nothing but a social media marketing service that helps in creating social bookmarking and networking links. These links are from high traffic and good PR websites so as to increase the reach via association with already popular establishments in the market. Since its establishment back in 2009, it has been quite popular and has received and continues to receive accolades from its users. Its user friendly and target oriented service has also impressed people not just from one place but from various countries and continents.

If you are still wondering whether or not socialADR is the correct tool you are looking for then read on to know more as we get to you a few popular reasons to choosesocialADR instead of the hundreds of other similar services available all over the internet every here and there.

  •  At social adr you can select your bookmarks and these bookmarks can get shared on hundreds of accounts where you want them to. This also contributes greatly in leaving minimal footprint which is often another primary requirement of a majority of clients. Comparing this to other companies, only a handful of accounts are selected for any website and your bookmarks to be shared are done so only on these limited number of accounts (often less than half a dozen accounts only!). This not only limits your reach but also hurts the credibility of your bookmarks. So if you are looking for your bookmark to be shared over a large number of accounts and become easy to reach by thousands of people then you know which one is the right social media marketing service you need to go for.
  • Often, the various other social media marketing services do share your bookmarks and networking links with websites. These websites could be the regular ones or could also happen to be the high traffic, fabulous ones. But at Social ADR, as the company categorically states in its service policy, only high traffic websites that have good PR are selected and used for networking. These websites already are well established in the internet market and also boasts of lakhs of regular users. The company also claims that this choice is 100 percent google safe. So the choice is yours, whether you wish to be marketed on small scale and still struggling websites or directly go for SocialADR and become popular on a few of the most used websites all over the world.

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