Play the most popular 3 PLAYER Tank Trouble game online

Play the most popular 3 PLAYER Tank Trouble game online

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The days for 2 PLAYER online browser games are gone. It is time to increase the fun 3 times by playing 3 PLAYER games. The games are quite simple and do not need any heavy specifications or features in the computer. An upgraded version of the browsers will do the trick.

One of the most popular online browser games is Tank Trouble. This game is very light weight and does not take much time to load in the browser and starts right away. As mentioned earlier the best feature of this tank firing game is ‘3 PLAYER’ mode. Three players together can enjoy the fun of playing the game together with a keyboard and a mouse.

How is it played?

The Tank Trouble game loads first in the browser and asks for the mode to be chosen before starting to play. The moment the game starts you are in the middle of a maze with a tank and the opponent’s tank. You try to reach the opponent’s tank by using the designated movement keys and fire the weapon to destroy them. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s tank first before getting blown away.

At first, the game might seem hard to focus. But as you master the skills of movement with your apt attention you will start using the terrain to your favor and increase your level to win. The challenging part of the game is that you have to move fast and dodge attacks and simultaneously attack and destroy the opponents.

Special features of the game

The game can be played in three game modes.

  • The 1 PLAYER option allows you to play with the computer. A robot dog named ‘LAIKA’ will operate its tank. It will be hard to win against the computer. The control will be the arrow keys for movement of the tank and the ‘M’ key to fire the weapon.
  • The 2 PLAYER option allows two players to play together with the same keyboard but different controls. The first player will have the same controls. The second player will use E, S, D and F for movement and Q to fire the weapon.
  • The third player will use the mouse to control the movements of the tank and fire the weapon simultaneously.

The game is made more interesting to play as the weapons bounces in the walls of the maze. Your opponent might be sly and hide behind the walls, but you can use your trajectory sense to calculate and hit the target without even going there.

Once all the rounds are fired the primary weapon takes the time to regenerate ammunition and at that time, you have to evade. The platform also spawns new weapons like rocket launchers, lasers, etc. to be picked by reaching there. The bonus weapons can only be fired once and then you have to pick up another bonus weapon to earn heavier firepower.

Fun and action

The action and funny sounds will revive the moments with your friends when you play the Tank Trouble game together. Find out who is the strongest!

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