Gems, your Quick Ticket to the Higher Arenas

Gems, your Quick Ticket to the Higher Arenas

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Released on the 2nd of March 2016, Clash Royale has won many hearts of children and adults alike. It’s utilises the age old concept of card collection, and takes it a whole new level. Card collecting game lovers always have imagined seeing their cards moving about on the stage, fighting one another. Clash Royale has executed that concept, perfectly. It revolves around the concept of buying cards and upgrading them, and fighting your way to the top, all the way to the legendry arena. The aim of the game is to wreck your opponent’s towers. It goes without saying that, the more levelled up cards you have, more are the chances of you winning the game. The gem is a very important currency via which you can go about doing all kinds of upgrading. You can buy anything, from cards to coins to chests and even compete in the special challenges, with the help of gems. However, gems, are pretty costly, and although it gives you a clear advantage over other players, one needs to think whether it is worth spending your hard earned money behind in-game currencies. Clash Royale free Gems provides the player an opportunity to get their hands on this precious gems.

How to acquire free Gems?

There are more than one ways to acquire gems. Some are slow, some fast, some may even lead to an account ban. However, that was in the past. Acquiring free gems has become a lot safer in the past few years. Its easy, guarantees success, works for all devices, has an inbuilt proxy system to secure the user from getting banned and no root or jail breaking is required. The methods are as follows:

  • In-game items that grant gems: In the game, we have chests, from which we acquire cards, coins and gems. The free chest and the crown chest are the only chests that grant gems, free of cost. The free chest which is available every 4hours gives 2 to 3 gems. A maximum of two free chests can be maintained in a stack, i.e., if you haven’t opened any free chests in 8 hours, no more free chests will generate and the timer will stop. The crown chest can be opened after you have collected 10 crowns. You get one crowns for defeating the enemy online. For each tower you destroy, you get one crown. A crown chest is available every 24 hours. The crowns do not stack up, and you get 3 to 4 gems in a crown chest, sometimes 5.
  • Clash Royale free gems: You may take the help of an online hack that allows you to generate coins and gems, without the involvement of any kind of money transaction whatsoever. You have to visit the website, enter the username or your game name, followed by the number of gems you want to get credited on your account. After a quick verification, the gems shall be credited to your account. Happy Gaming.

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