Small Business Online marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Small Business Online marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

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So, Christmas is over and out of the way – but this does not mean that you can now relax – It is now time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, not only in terms of what you are going to get your partner but also how you’re going to market your company online.

Valentine’s Day is worth over £450 million in the UK, and $15 billion in the US, it is a time where people spend money and buy products – Therefore if you sell products that could be in anyway related to Valentine’s Day you need to make efforts to capture and unlock the maximum amount of custom.

To help you out and point you in the right direction, we are now going to list some online marketing Valentine’s tips, as provided from a leading internet marketing company in Lancashire:

Consider email marketing: Valentine’s Day presents an ideal opportunity to captivate your customers with a themed email marketing campaign. Play on the love theme, don’t be scared to mention Valentine’s Day, highlight special offers and discounts and include emoji’s where appropriate.

Consider using social media polls: Valentine’s Day is a great time to make the most of social media polls, putting out a poll for people to take part in on Valentine’s Day or even for a few days running up to the big day. Where possible, try to incorporate your company into these polls.

Consider hashtags: Hashtags offer a great way to drive engagements and brand awareness! You should not only take time to see what hashtags are trending and work out how you can incorporate them into your tweets, but you should also consider creating your own company hashtags.

Consider Valentine’s special offers: How are you going to stand out? You must create Valentine’s themed special offers for people to take advantage of, ensuring that these offers only run up to Valentine’s Day.

Consider adding romance to your social media profile and cover images: Similar to how companies add Santa hats to their profile pictures over the Xmas period, you should consider making your images more romantic cover Valentine’s Day. Even the simple addition of a love heart can be highly effective.

Consider sending Valentine’s cards: Consider sending valentines days to you customers to show just how much you appreciate them. You could either send these in emails or physical letters.

Consider asking your audiences to get involved: Valentine’s Day and the days surrounding it is a great time get your audience involved – Consider asking them questions, some of which could be ‘What has your best date been? And ‘what was your worst dating experience?’.

Consider giving to charity: Valentine’s Day is great time to show that you care, take time to support your local community and document this online.

Consider highlighting your best valentine’s related products: Even if they are not your most expensive products, you should use this time to push products related to Valentine’s on social media. You should also position these products close to the top of your website so that they are easy to find.

These are only some of the available tips too – If you can think of any more, don’t hesitate to share them with us and everyone else.

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