New to the corporate world? Read this

New to the corporate world? Read this

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Getting Yourself Ready For The Corporate World


Building a successful career is determined by choosing the right career and getting the right job when you graduate. So, this article discusses the steps involved in choosing the right career and finding the right job online.

  1. Choosing a career

When it comes to choosing a career, the earlier you make a choice the better. You don’t have to wait until you leave high school before making a choice. The best time to choose a career is your early days in high school. It takes a lot of patience, tolerance, hard work and perseverance to become successful in any career that is why it is always easier when you chase a career you are cut out for.

Assess yourself first

The first step towards choosing a career is to assess yourself. Consider some of your personal traits and natural capabilities that will make your career easy and fun. Do you naturally derive pleasure sharing your knowledge with friends and colleagues? You could be headed for the academic line. May be you are a professor in the making.

Your preferred subjects can also guide you on your choice of career. For instance, you should not be thinking about engineering if you don’t like mathematics. Anybody who likes to be an engineer must be in love with mathematics and physics just like students who want to go into the medical line must love both biology and chemistry so much.

Talk to a career counselor

While you may have done a good job assessing yourself, it can’t be complete until someone else assesses you in addition. It is easier to figure out your strength but quite difficult to find your weakness. Everyone feels unique and perfect. Secondly, even after assessment, you may not be well informed to make the right choice. For these two reasons, involving a career counselor is not just an option, it is a must. This is why every school has guidance and counseling department.

Consult your counselor and work with him or her. Bear in mind that the more your counselor knows about you the more he or she can help you. So, do not hide or filter information about yourself to him or her.

Make a list of possible careers

At this age and stage, you are still very young and your interest can still change. Besides, life still has a lot to put you through – some are good and others are not so pleasant. So, instead of picking just one career, you can list out about 3 or 4 possible careers.

As you move on, you will gradually and naturally lean towards one of them while you will be eliminating the others one after the other. It may be a good idea to list out careers that are related. However, it is very important that apart from your traits, these careers must appeal to you. You must like them because you will face a lot of challenges and difficulties in your path. Nothing good comes easy. Your love for it will fuel your determination to crush all your obstacles.

If you choose a career only because your counselor recommended it, you may not be able to get over the obstacles along the way before you give up. Never choose a career you don’t like because it is highly lucrative. You will hate your job later and the paycheck will no longer provide enough motivation. In fact, about 80% of people dislike their jobs. Do not fall into that category.

Conduct your research

After listing out all your possible careers, the next step is to conduct a thorough research on their requirements. First, you should know the subjects you should do in high school, then you should also find out the courses you can take in college.

You also need to find out if a university degree is important or just optional. For instance, to be a medical doctor, a university degree is a must. So, you must plan towards a university degree if your career requires it. Most professions have a regulatory body. Some of them conduct a competence examination and issue certificates. You should also find out about that too.

The earlier you know where you are going the better. It is not uncommon for some students to change career when they feel the requirements of a particular career are too stringent. Here is an advice for you, when you choose a very easy career, you will face tremendous competition when you begin to practice but when you choose a tough and difficult profession, you will have less competitors as people generally prefer the easy way out.


  1. Finding a job online

After graduating, the next step is to work. The kind of job you get depends on the kind of job site where it is listed. So, your job search should begin with a good job site. It is advisable to opt for job sites that have been in existence for years like Youi NZ here.

Secondly, it is important to bear in mind that an ideal job site offers regular updates. The best part is that reliable job sites offer free services. You either sign-up as a member or tender your email address to get regular updates on new job openings.

However, you need to be sure that jobs in your career niche are being posted on the site before you join. This is because some sites post jobs in only certain fields. For instance, some job sites focus on law. They only post openings for lawyers. Finally, to boost your chances, you may need to join several job sites.


Finding a job is not as difficult as laying a foundation for your career. So, you need to choose a career as early as possible and work towards it. Keeping to a plan is much more difficult than drawing it up because there will be challenges. You should also realize that a road without obstacles obviously leads to nowhere so you should expect obstacles. And if you fail at some point, get up, learn from it and continue your journey. Giving up is the real failure. Even Walt Disney was once fired for lack of creativity. Before giving up on your career because you failed, read the story of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America.

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