BNW Acoustics LR-60, Home Theater System at its Best!

BNW Acoustics LR-60, Home Theater System at its Best!

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Most of us have been to a movie theater. What makes it different from our own home theater besides the huge screen in front of us is the sound quality that we get from movie theaters. The experience is amazing. Even I would want to have that kind of cinematic experience right in the comfort of my home. Finding the same quality with home theater systems in the market is challenging.

If you want to experience the best home theater sound, BNW Acoustics has a solution for you. Meet the BNW Acoustics LR-60 Home Theater System. You may think that this unit is just the same as the others. Definitely not! Now, what makes this so special against its competition?

Features and Design.

This classy BNW Acoustics LR-60 is suitable for home or personal use. It has a total system output of 2000 watt. This comes with a long throw-pure bass driver and is connected using only premium audio cables. This unit is very easy to set up using wall mounting brackets. You can use your smartphone to access your music since it is MP3 and smartphone compatible. The reason why the design is classy because of its elegant black finish.

Key Features.

This 6-piece unit HT speaker package produces the best music and movie soundtracks quality with a perfect clarity that would definitely impress your ears once you hear it. Its front and surround satellites come with a 2 to 2 1/2 mid and tweeter. The voice-matched center channel speaker has the same tweeter with dual mids which provides clarity and high-impact on-screen special effects.

Because of its artistic design, this unit is suitable for any room, in the office or at home. This pairs perfectly with a flat-panel TV. Our home theater needs a powerful bass like which the LR-60 can provide because of its 1000 watt subwoofer with 8” driver. All of these six speakers work together to provide us with state of the art surround sound experience while watching movies.

BNW Acoustics LR-60 Easy Setup.

BNW Acoustics LR-60 home theater systems front and rear speakers come with brackets for wall mounting. The center channel has an adjustable rear foot that allows you to place it just atop your television.

  • How to Set Up BNW Acoustic LR-60 Wall Mount.

The front and center surround speakers comes with mount holes that you can use for wall mounting. The ideal position would be vertically mounting the front and surround speakers on the wall and the center speaker would be mounted horizontally.

  • Vertical mount. Use one screw and hang the speaker from its upper mount hole.
  • Horizontal mount. Two sets of speakers should be used into the wall at the exact distance where you can hang the speaker through both mount holes.

BNW ACOUSTICS LR-60, promises to impress you with your home theater system experience. Be ready to try the new innovation of technology. Say goodbye to the old school speakers that have been with us for decades, and welcome one of the newest generation of home theater system!

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