6 Useful Interview Tips for Senior Executives

6 Useful Interview Tips for Senior Executives

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Giving a good job interview for the position of a senior executive is much more than just turning up for the day. One should dress sensibly and on top of that he or she should answer very smartly. Your way of presentation through the selection process will give you an edge over the other competitors, so be well prepared and try to give your best shot.

Whether you are looking for a senior executive job vacancy in Jaipur,  Ahmedabad, Bangalore or any other city, it’s easy to find one, but the key lies in successfully cracking the interview. Here is the list of top six useful interview tips for the position of senior executives:

Make Your Resume a Talking Point:

Prepare your resume in such a way that it sets you apart. Make it very clear. Normally resumes are boring and they look alike, but your resume should give the interviewer something interesting. Accomplishments and achievements should be highlighted so that you may get a chance to express yourself whatyour life has been in the jobfield.

Make Your Intentions Clear:

Before making any attempt with the interview process, prepare well and think about why you are seeking for a post in this particular company. An interviewer will definitely ask you the reason behind selecting their company and in what way one can be helpful for the growth of the company. An interviewer will also ask regarding your careerplans, so be well prepared for giving a positive response to this question.

Look Confident:

It is one of the most essential parts of an interview.The interviewer would be expecting some one confident to join the company.So, when you turn up for an interview, look confident. Have direct eye contact and shake your hands firmly when meeting for the first time.This shows the level of confidence in the initial stage itself. As you are applying for the post of senior executive, try your level best to ignore lots of “ums” and “errs”. Answer to the questions without any hesitation.

Focus on Your Strengths:

While discussing on strengths, one will naturally feel uncomfortable, but it is better than talking about weaknesses. Discussing about weaknesses will not only demoralize, but will alsosend negative messages to the interviewer, which is not at all a good remark during the interview process. Keep in mind that when an interviewer asks to speak about your weakness, he doesn’t mean to put you down.Rather, he wants to judge you on how youcome out of the problems.

Dress Like a Gentleman:

Many people think that it is better to stick to neutral colours like black, white or grey for interview, but as you are not a fresher it really doesn’t matter.So, better choose colours that match your personality.

Follow Up:

It is a healthy habit to follow up with the interviewer by sending a thank you note after completing interview.This shows your professionalism and good manners, which would make you different from the others.

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